Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity (AXE)

Availability: FALL 2016: Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Location: FALL 2016: W258 Chemistry Building (CB)
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About Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity (AXE)

The Chemistry Fraternity offers free chemistry tutoring one night a week for all undergraduate chemistry courses.

Chemistry  General Chemistry I  General Chemistry I CHEM:1070  CHEM:1070  General Chemistry II  General Chemistry II CHEM:1080  CHEM:1080  Principles of Chemistry I  Principles of Chemistry I CHEM:1110  Basic Measurements  Basic Measurements CHEM:2021  CHEM:2021  Chemistry in Industry and the Economy  Chemistry in Industry and the Economy CHEM:1100  CHEM:1100  Organic Chemistry I  Organic Chemistry I CHEM:2210  CHEM:2210  Organic Chemistry II  Organic Chemistry II CHEM:2220  CHEM:2220  Organic Chemistry I for Majors  Organic Chemistry I for Majors CHEM:2230  CHEM:2230  Organic Chemistry II for Majors  Organic Chemistry II for Majors CHEM:2240  CHEM:2240  Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Majors  Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Majors CHEM:2420  CHEM:2420  Physical Chemistry I  Physical Chemistry I CHEM:4431  CHEM:4431  Physical Chemistry II  Physical Chemistry II CHEM:4432  CHEM:4432  Physical Measurements  Physical Measurements CHEM:3440  CHEM:3440  Analytical Chemistry I  Analytical Chemistry I CHEM:3110  CHEM:3110  Analytical Chemistry II  Analytical Chemistry II CHEM:3120  CHEM:3120  Inorganic Chemistry  Inorganic Chemistry CHEM:3250  CHEM:3250  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry CHEM:4270  CHEM:4270  Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory  Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM:3530  CHEM:3530 

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