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About Computer Science Department

The Computer Science Department maintains a list of private tutors for hire. The list is available at

To be approved as a tutor for Computer Science or Informatics undergraduate courses in the Computer Science Department, tutors are expected to have a grade of B+ or better in the CS:xxxx courses they wish to tutor.

Students should contact tutors directly. All arrangements with regard to payments, frequency of meeting, etc. are left up to the tutor and the tutee.

Note that students may also seek assistance from their assigned course teaching assistants.


Computer Science  Introduction to Computer Science  CS:1110  Computer Science I: Fundamentals  CS:1210  Discrete Structures  CS:2210  Computer Science II: Data Structures  CS:2230  Algorithms  CS:3330  Computer Organization  CS:2630  Programming for Informatics  CS:2110  Networking and Security for Informatics  CS:2620  Programming Language Concepts  CS:3820  Limits of Computation  CS:5340 

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