Physics Help Center

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Location: 310 Van Allen Hall (VAN)
Phone: 319-335-1686

About Physics Help Center

Covid-19 Update: 

The Physics help center serves introductory physics courses 1000-2000 level. There should be hours for your course on the current schedule linked below- the hours should be effective immediately. Students can obtain the Zoom link from their ICON site for Physics courses listed on the schedule: Physics-Help-Center-COVID-FINAL-April-2020.pdf 


A free, drop-by service.

See Fall 2019 schedule here.

 Physics & Astronomy Tutor List can be accessed here.

Sessions occur in room 310 VAN - TILE Room (Look for the 'Physics Help Center' sign outside one of the interior rooms.)


What to Expect:

When you enter into the TILE Commons room 310 VAN you will need to locate the Physics Help Center as the study spaces are on a first come first serve basis; typically the Physics Help Center will have a whiteboard outside the room indicating ‘Physics Help Center’.  All students are welcome to attend any Physics Help Center block to get help with general physics questions. As the Physics Help Center is part of the campus-wide system of help centers, students will be expected to use their IowaOne cards to swipe in.

PHYS:1200  Physics of Everyday Experience  PHYS:1400  Basic Physics  PHYS:1511  College Physics I  PHYS:1512  College Physics II  PHYS:1701  Physics I  PHYS:1611  Introductory Physics I  Physics 

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