TRIO Student Support Services

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Location: 2750 University Capitol Center (UCC) Upper Level
Phone: 319-335-1288
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About TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO SSS serves students at the University of Iowa who demonstrate academic need and are first generation, or low-income, or have a verified disability. TRIO SSS is much more than a tutoring program, and it is expected that participants will be actively engaged in the program throughout their undergraduate program.

What to Expect:

TRIO SSS participants benefit from:

  • Individualized coaching are all facets of the university experience
  • 1 semester hour course every semester to aid in their college success. Topics include academic success, financial literacy, career development, diversity/equity/inclusion, leadership development, and life skills.
  • Connections with students from similar backgrounds
  • Individual and small group tutoring

How to Prepare:

If you are an active participant and want to request a tutor:

  • Complete a tutor request form on the TRIO SSS website
  • When matched with your tutor, contact them within 24 hours
  • You are allotted one hour of tutoring per week, per course
  • All tutoring will be virtual for Spring 2021

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