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Benefits of becoming a tutor through Tutor Iowa

Interested in becoming a tutor? Already registered? Either way, here is a list of great benefits you will have by teaming up with Tutor Iowa. 

  • No need to market yourself. Tutor Iowa will list you as a tutor for any and all subjects you are approved for. In turn, Tutor Iowa is then marketed to undergraduate students looking for academic assistance. Thus, by introducing tutees to Tutor Iowa, we're introducing tutees to you. 
  • Flexible hours. By flexible, we mean whatever hours you please. Tutor Iowa is not responsible for scheduling appointments between students and tutors, leaving you with the ability to set whatever schedule you would like. 
  • Set your own wages. As a private tutor, you are able to decide your hourly rate. Please remember that tutees are responsible for payment of tutors and Tutor Iowa is not. 

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Promoting Yourself on Tutor Iowa

Increase your visibility on Tutor Iowa by tagging yourself! Put every subject, class, and description about what you'd like to tutor in the Tags field on the edit your profile page. Separate each tag with a comma. The more tags you put in this field, the more likely you are to appear in the search results.

Be as broad as possible. Course names and numbers can be tags. Capitalization isn't necessary. 

If you were planning on tutoring any chemistry courses, your tag field may look like this: 

Chemistry, CHEM:1070, organic chemistry, CHEM:2210, principles of chemistry, CHEM:1110, CHEM

Please note that while we include CHEM (the department code) as a tag, it’s also important to put the course names in as well. Students might search for either or for both.

Additionally, anything you put in your biography will also appear in search results.

Memorandum of Understanding

Create a memorandum of understanding for you and your tutee to both sign. Include how you will communicate if one of you can not make your planned meeting, how will you be paid and when, how you will both prepare for each session, etc. We have created a sample memorandum of understanding for you to use as a template.