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Meeting Preference: On
Availability: Highly variable (because of my official tutoring job with the athletic's department)
Hourly Rate: $30

About Alex

Hello, I am a senior majoring in Health and Human Physiology with a minor in Philosophy on a pre-med track. I have pretty extensive experience tutoring-around 4 years total and I have even been selected to be one of the official tutors for our athletic's department.

Some more info about me: I have been tutoring people since high school (whether it's people in my grade, in lower grades, or in higher grades) for about 4 years now. In fact, I started tutoring college students in calculus 1 at Black Hawk College in East Moline Illinois over the summer when I was only a junior in high school. I later expanded the subjects I tutored to include science classes as I became a senior in high school. As I have progressed at the university, I have continued to expand the number of classes I tutor but also improve my approach to tutoring with the feedback I receive. Besides my qualifications, I am also pretty flexible when it comes to availability and meeting location. Whether you need some help understanding some difficult content, discussing the road towards medical school, reviewing for a test, or learning the core of how to study, I can help you out. 

Note: I HIGHLY prefer to be contacted via texts as it's much faster and easier than email. my phone number is (847-691-2131)

Principles of Chemistry I  CHEM:1110  Elementary Psychology  PSY:1001  Principles of Reasoning: Arg and Debate  PHIL:1636  Honors First-Year Seminar: The Energy Future  HONR:1300  Calculus I  MATH:1850  Engineering Math I: Single Variable Calculus  MATH:1550  Calculus for the Biological Sciences  MATH:1460  Calculus & Matrix Algebra for Business  MATH:1380  Mathematics for the Biological Sciences  MATH:1440  Mathematics for Business  MATH:1340  Elementary Functions  MATH:1020  Trigonometry  MATH:1010  College Algebra  MATH:1005  Basic Algebra I  MATH:0100  Foundations of Biology  BIOL:1411  Principles of Chemistry II  CHEM:1120  Biostatistics  STAT:3510  Interpretation of Literature  ENGL:1200  Classical Mythology  CLSA:2016  Cultrual Anthropology  ANTH:1101  Diversity of Form and Function  BIOL:1412  Human Anatomy  HHP:1100  Advanced Psychology for Pre-Medical Track  PSY:2130  Introduction to Sociology  SOC:1010  Russia Today 20th-21st Century  SLAV:1132  Human Physiology Laboratory  HHP:1310  Human Physiology  HHP:3500  Biochemistry  BIOC:3110  Stars  Galaxies  and the Universe  ASTR:1070  Physiology of Nutrition  HHP:4440  Introduction to Human Pharmacology  HHP:4480  Exploration of the Solar System  ASTR:1080  Citizen Astronomy  ASTR:1085  The Meaning of Life  PHIL:1033 

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