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Hourly Rate: $40


Hello! My name is Mason, and I am a medical student at the Carver College of Medicine. I specialize in teaching most pre-health science courses such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Physiology. I aim to help you not only achieve higher grades in your class but also help you apply the material you learn for your future career. I have over 200 hours of tutoring experience, and I would love to share my techniques for lifelong learning with you. I also focus on applying class concepts to standardized tests such as the GRE, MCAT, and DAT to prepare you for graduate and professional school admissions.

My personal interests include pre-medical admissions advice which I provide as a free service for students I tutor. I also use adult-learning theory to support students.

Standard rate: $40/hr may increase depending on demand, follow calendly link for most up-to-date rate.

Group tutoring also offered at the standard rate.

Please use this link for more information on scheduling/rates/expectations for tutoring

PHYS:1512; PHYS:1511  College Physics  Foundations of Biology  HHP:3500  Human Physiology  Foundations of Biology  Principles of Chemistry  MICR:2157  Introduction to Sociology  BIOL:1411  Introductory Psychology  MCAT  Microbiology  BIOC:3130  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I  Psychology for Pre-Med  BIOC:3140  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II  Anatomy for Human Physiology  Chemistry  Physics  Biology  Physiology  GRE  DAT  Biochemistry  Pre-medicine  pre-med  Medical 


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