Member Since: 01/30/2017
Meeting Preference: On campus
Availability: Flexible hours 8 am - 4 pm, Available after 5 pm and Weekends.
Hourly Rate: $30/ hour

About Leon

Hello!  I am a recent Iowa graduate with a B.S. in Human Physiology and a minor in Chemistry. 

I have over 3 years of tutoring experience and have received an A in the classes that I am offering to teach.

As a tutor, I will not only ensure that you understand the material and are prepared for the exams, but I will provide support specifically tailored to your goals and the way that you learn best.

I can provide both one time meetings if you need assistance learning a specific topic, as well as ongoing sessions.

My skills include:

  • Academic Coaching: Analyzing the ways that you study, breaking down what works and what doesn’t, and working with you to create more effective study habits.

  • Development of Study Materials: Creating customized study material such as study guides and worksheets to reinforce understanding of difficult topics

  • Essay Assistance: Revising, planning, or general advising on lab reports, personal statements, and other essays.

I am also available to tutor for the MCAT. I got a 522 on the MCAT and am very familiar with how to prepare for this exam.

CHEM: 2210  Organic Chemistry 1  Chemistry  CHEM  Human Anatomy  HHP: 1100  Anatomy  Biology  Diversity of Form and Function  Foundations of Biology  BIOL: 1411  BIOL: 1412  Organic Chemistry 2  CHEM: 2220  Human Physiology  HHP: 3500  CHEM: 2220  Organic Chemistry 2  Human Physiology  HHP: 3500  Biochemistry  BIOC: 3110  Genetic Basis of Disease  HHP: 4450  Cardiovascular Physiology  HHP: 4460  Human Growth and Motor Development  HHP: 3300  Fundamental Genetics  BIOL: 2512  Biochem 

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