Certified Tutor
Member Since: 07/12/2017
Meeting Preference: On-campus
Availability: Contact me and we can figure out a time that works
Hourly Rate: $25/hr (1-2 people) and $10/hr per person (3+ people)


Hello I am currently a first year medical student and I have been the Supplemental Instruction Leader for Principles of Chemistry 2 for four semesters.

I can help out with assignments, exam preparation or share my study strategies that helped me succeed in the courses listed. I also have experience helping groups so if you want me to tutor a study group before an exam or major homework assignment.


  • Small sessions (1-2 students): $25/hr
  • Large sessions (3+ students): $10/hr per person

CHEM: 1120  Principles of Chemistry 2 


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