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Hi everyone! I am a senior pre-med student majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Psychology. I was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Foundations of Biology, so I am extremely familiar with the course content. I also recently took the MCAT, so am still familiar with these subjects and could answer questions about the test. Just email me to set up a time! I look forward to working with you! 

Organic Chemistry 1  Foundations of Biology  Diversity of Form and Function  Physical Activity and Health  Elementary Psychology  Psychopharmacology  Sociology  Advanced Psychology for Health Care Professionals  Organic Chemistry Laboratory  Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab  Physiology for Human Physiology  Human Growth and Motor Development  Biochemistry  CHEM:2210  BIOL:1411  BIOL:1412  HHP:2200  PSY:1001  PSY:3230  SOC:1010  PSY:2930  CHEM:2410  HHP:3115  HHP:2550  HHP:3300  BIOC:3110  Organic Chemistry  Biology  Anatomy  Physiology  Human Anatomy  Human Physiology  Psychology  

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