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About Anthony

Hi! I'm Anthony, a senior Mathematics and Computer Science double-major. I'm also a researcher with the Numerical, Parallel, and Optimization Algorithms group, working with Dr. Suely Oliveira and Dr. David Stewart.

You can take a look at my University website for more information about what I do at the University of Iowa:

CS:1020  CS:1110  CS:1210  CS:2210  CS:2210  CS:2230  CS:2820  CS:3330  CS:3700  CS:3640  CS:4350  MATH:0100  MATH:0300  MATH:1005  MATH:1020  MATH:1440  MATH:1460  MATH:1550  MATH:1850  MATH:1860  MATH:2700  MATH:3600  MATH:3770  MATH:3720  MATH:3800  MATH:4040  Math  Computer Science  Informatics  Programming 

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