Member Since: 12/22/2017
Meeting Preference: IMU, Library, Coffee Shops
Availability: Feel free to message me and we can coordinate times and dates to meet. 
Hourly Rate: $15-$20


My name is Nick Stallion and I am a third year undergraduate at Iowa. I am majoring in Health and Human Physiology while being on the pre-med track. I have plenty of experience in a lot of the pre-health courses that can be difficult for a lot of undergraduates, and I am involved in research and volunteering, so I am a good resource for anyone that wants to do extracurriculars. I have also received high grades in English and History courses so I am more than welcome to help revise papers or talk about readings.

Chemistry  Biology  Human Physiology  Math  HIST:1403  CHEM:1110  MATH:1860  BIOL:1411  HHP:2200  HHP:3115  BIOL:1412  CHEM:2210  CHEM:2220  BIOC:3110  HHP:3550  POLI:1501 


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