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Hourly Rate: $15-$30


Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a third year honors student majoring in Math and Economics.  I have tutored several students during my time at Iowa, especially in calculus classes, and have developed some good ways to teach topics that tend to be confusing.  I have also earned a A- or higher in each class that I tutor.  

I'm here to help if you feel like you're lost in your Math or Econ class, these classes can certainly be intimidating.  I have helped students go from worrying that they may not pass their class to acing their final!  Send me an email or a message and we can set up a tutoring session to get some of those confusing ideas figured out.

I hold my tutoring sessions in the main library, and I reserve a private study room for each session so that we can have a productive space to work.  My hourly rates depend upon what class you are in, but always fall between $15-$30.  I also do group sessions for which I charge $5 less than a one-on-one session for your class.  If you have friends in your class who are also looking for some help, we can set up a group session, and each of you will get a cheaper rate!

MATH:0100  MATH:1005  MATH:1010  MATH:1020  MATH:1340  MATH:1380  MATH:1440  MATH:1460  MATH:1850  MATH:1860  MATH:2850  MATH:3600  ECON:1100  ECON:1200  ECON:3150  ECON:3100  ECON:4140  ECON:3850  Calc for Bus  Calc for Bio  Math for Bus  Math for Bio  Calculus 1  Calculus 2  Microeconomics  Macroeconomics  Calculus for Biological Sciences  Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business  Mathematics for Business  Mathematics for Biological Sciences  College Algebra 


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