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Hello! I am a 3rd year honors electrical engineering student with minors in math, economics and business.  I  received As in all of my core engineering, math, chemistry and economics courses. I am also a teaching assistant for electrical circuits so I have extensive experience in teaching and tutoring students of various skill levels. I would love to help you and your friends kill your toughest classes this semester! I am very flexible on times and locations. I look forward to working with you. 

Principles of Chemistry  Physics of Everyday Experience  Basic Physics  College Physics I  College Physics II  Basic Algebra I  College Algebra  Trigonometry  Elementary Functions  Math for Business  Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business  College Calculus I  Mathematics for the Biological Sciences  Calculus for the Biological Sciences  Elementary Statistics and Inference  Statistics for Business  Intro to Engineering Problem Solving  Intro to Engineering Computing  Engineering Fundamentals I: Statics  Engineering Fundamentals III: Thermodynamics  Engineer Math I Single Variable Calculus  Probability and Stats for Engr & Phys Science  Money  Banking  and Financial Markets  Computers in Engineering  Engineering Math V: Vector Calculus  PHYS:1200  PHYS:1400  PHYS:1511  PHYS:1512  MATH:0100  MATH:1005  MATH:1010  MATH:1020  MATH:1140  MATH:1380  MATH:1850  MATH:1440  MATH:1460  STAT:1020  STAT:1030  CHEM:1110  ENGR:1100  ENGR:1300  ENGR:2110  ENGR:2130  MATH:1550  STAT:2020  ECON:3335  ENGR:2730  MATH:3550  ECON:1100  ECON:1200  Principles of Microeconomics  Principles of Macroeconomics  


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