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Hi! My name is Maram El-Geneidy. I am a sophomore interdepartmental studies-health science track major on the premed track. I have personally experienced all these classes and would love to share some tips with you to help you reach your goals and earn higher grades. I work to help you grasp concepts and make them stick. I also provide different study strategies for approaching exam questions and course material. I have about 50 hours of previous tutoring experience in high-school and college, and have TA'd for Foundations of Biology in the past. Please reach out to me if you would like some extra help and I look forward to working with you!

CHEM: 1110  PSY:1001  CHEM:1120  BIOL:1411  PHYS:1511  PHYS: 1512  SOC:1010  MICR:2157  CHEM: 2210  CHEM: 2220  HHP:3500  BIOC:3120  MICR:2158  Principles of Chemistry I  Principles of Chemistry II  Elementary Psychology  Foundations of Biology  College Physics I  College Physics II  General Microbiology  General Microbiology Laboratory  Introduction to Sociology  Organic Chemistry I  Organic Chemistry II  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I  Human Physiology 


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