Member Since: 01/29/2018
Meeting Preference: On campus
Availability: I am currently studying for the MCAT, so please email me your availability and I will see if It matches with mine!
Hourly Rate: $20


My name is Lena and I am an SI instructor for Principles of Chemistry 1

Here are the chemistry courses that I am happy to tutor you in:

Gen Chem 1 (I was an undergraduate TA for this course in Fall 2020)

Organic Chem 1 

Foundations of Biology


Biochemistry (3110)

General Chemistry  Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry I  pchem  Nutrition and Health  Organic Chem  Chem:2210  Chem:1110  anatomy  foundations  biology  orgo  organic chemistry  physiology  biochem  bioc:3110  biochemistry 


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