Member Since: 02/25/2018
Meeting Preference: On-Campus

Mondays after 5:00, Tuesdays Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and after 2:00, and Fridays between 12:30 and 4:00.

Saturdays and Sundays all day.

Hourly Rate: $45


Hello! I'm a Senior studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I have been tutoring math and computer science for several years, for everyone between freshmen and grad students, and I really enjoy tutoring a variety of topics, so if you're looking for help, hit me up! 

I am available for both e-tutoring, group tutoring, and in person instruction!!

As far as outside of class, I work in the Department of Molecular Physiology doing neurology research on, and I do tutoring in the Writing Lab for rhetoric. This summer, I'll be working at NASA programming parts of a balloon-mounted telescope.

Math  Linear Algebra  MATH:2700  Math 2700  Math2700  Computer Science  Computer Science: I: Fundamentals  Fundamentals of Computer Science  CS:1210  CS 1210  Chemistry  Gen Chem  General Chemistry  CHEM:1070  CHEM 1070  Calculus  Calculus 3  Object Oriented Software Development  Algorithms  CS 3330  CS 2820  CS:2820  MATH 3800  MATH:3800  Numerical Analysis  CS:2210  CS 2210  Discrete Structures  CS:3640  CS 3640  CS3640  Networks  CS 3820  CS:3820  Programming Language Concepts  MATH:2850  Calculus 3  Calculus III  MATH 2850  CS:4330  CS 4330  Theory of Computation  CS 4480  CS:4480  Knowledge Discovery  MSCI:4480  MATH:3720  MATH 3720  Abstract Algebra 


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