Member Since: 03/04/2018
Meeting Preference: On-campus

Monday/Wednesday: 8am-10am, 5:30pm-9:00pm

Tuesday: 12:30pm-4:00pm

Thursdays 9:45 AM - 4: 00 pm.

Friday: 1pm-9pm 

Saturdays and Sundays 9 am-5pm

2 hrs at most per day&student

You can contact me by email at jia-zhao@uiowa.edu or

Wechat# zhaojia1634, My username: Jia

I usually respond to you very quickly

Hourly Rate: $10/70 yuan


I am a sophomore who major in Biology and have a minor in chemistry (pre-med track). GPA: 4.01. I am on President's list and Dean's list. I got A+ or A for Calculus I, Principles of Chemistry I&II, Organic Chem I, Foundations of Biology, Diversity of Form and Function, Elementary Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Biostatistics. Any more basic chem course or math course should be fine. By the way, I am also a researcher in a Gene Regulatory Evolution lab/Biology lab (Bin he Lab). I have been currently volunteering in the Emergency Department in UIHC. 

My goal of tutoring is both helping you and improving myself. For my tutoring style, I plan to mainly help with your homework/exams, design questions considering your need, and answer all kinds of questions you may have about your courses. You can ask questions from different courses, too. Also, I can adjust my style if it's better for you. Please don't expect your grade to be A just by tutoring, you should be self-motivated and efficient enough.  Bring your questions and be active and ready for tutoring! I charge $10/hr or 70 yuan/ hr. You can bring up to two friends, too. The charge is still the same. 

If you are interested, please tell me in the first meeting or by email about your concerns, specific concepts or type of questions you are bad at, your position in class and what you expect from me. They are not required but can improve the efficiency of tutoring. I will appreciate it a lot!  

Tutor in English or Chinese

Calculus I  Principles of Chemistry I  Principles of Chemistry II  Organic Chem I  Elementary psychology  Clinical Psychology  Foundation of Biology  Diversity of Form and Function  Biostatistics  Chem:1110  Chem: 1120  Math: 1850  BIOL: 1411  BIOL: 1412  STAT: 3510 


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