Member Since: 03/30/2018
Meeting Preference: IMU, Main Library, Any other east side library

Message me and we can find a time to meet!

Hourly Rate: $25-30/hr depending on class; within 2 weeks of finals $30/hr


I'm Maddie, and I'm a chemistry major for pre-med. I have been tutoring for 3 years and even tutored with the TRIO program for awhile. I really enjoy helping others learn subjects that I like, especially chemistry and math. I'm a junior in the honors program. In all classes offered I earned an A+, A, or A- for a final grade.

I am currently available to tutor in Principles of Chemistry I and II, and Calculus I and II, Organic Chemistry for Majors I and II, Organic Lab for Majors, Principles of Physical Chemistry, and Fundamentals of Chemical Measurements.

Principles of Chemistry and Calculus rate: $25/hr

Organic Chemistry, Organic Lab, Principles of Physical Chemistry, and Fundamentals of Chemical Measurements Rate: $30/hr

Chemistry  Pre-Medicine  Principles of Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry I  Principles of Chemistry II  Math  Calculus  Calculus I  Calculus II  Science  Principles of Chemistry II  Calculus II  Organic Chemistry  Organic Chemistry for Majors  Fundamentals of Chemical Measurements  Basic Measurements  Organic  Lab  Organic Lab  Principles  Principles of Physical Chemistry  Physical Chemistry 


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