Member Since: 04/08/2018
Meeting Preference: College of Nursing, Main Library
Availability: Apologies, my schedule is full. Good luck studying!
Hourly Rate: $30


Hi! I am in my last semester of Nursing School and I have tutored privately for three full years now. Education and learning is very important to me and that is illustrated through my being listed to the President's list since Spring 2018.  I am confident in my knowledge of the course material for each of the classes that I am offering and I truly want to help you know it too! I am so grateful that you are reaching out in order to get those desired grades and I am excited to help. 

CHEM:1080  BIOL:1141  ACB:3110  MATH:1020  HHP:1300  NURS:3518  NURS:3138  NURS:3128 General Chemistry 2  Animal Bio  Anatomy  Physiology  Pathology  Nursing Pharmacological Interventions I  Health Assessment  


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