Member Since: 04/08/2018
Meeting Preference: College of Nursing, Main Library

Tuesdays after 5:00 pm 

Wednesdays after 3:30 pm

Most Thursdays and Fridays 

Saturday and Sundays 

Hourly Rate: $30


Hi! I cannot wait to meet you and begin assisting you with your classes. I have always loved school and that passion is highlighted through my A and A+ grades. I am in my second year of Nursing School and I have tutored privately for three full semesters now. Throughout my three previous years here at Iowa, I have experienced many hours studying in group settings, two-person scenarios, and on my own. I love helping my classmates and friends with difficult concepts and I can provide helpful techniques in remembering important key points, as well as explain the ideas in different ways that may support your way of learning. I am confident in my knowledge of the course material for each of the classes that I am offering and I truly want to help you know it too! I am so grateful that you are reaching out in order to get those desired grades and I am excited to help. 

CHEM:1080  BIOL:1141  ACB:3110  MATH:1020  HHP:1300  NURS:3518  NURS:3138  NURS:3128 General Chemistry 2  Animal Bio  Anatomy  Physiology  Pathology  Nursing Pharmacological Interventions I  Health Assessment  


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