Member Since: 05/04/2018
Meeting Preference: On Campus, student's preference
Availability: Willing to find time that works with student's schedule.
Hourly Rate: $20


Hi! My name is Luke Hovey and I am a recent graduate from Iowa who will be starting dental school at the University of Iowa in the Fall of 2020. I'm available to help you with General Chemistry I, Principles of Chemistry I and II, and Organic Chemistry I and II. Although these classes can seem daunting at first, I'm confident that you can both survive and succeed in these classes, and I'd love to help you through the process! I was able to receive an A or higher in each of these classes and am more than willing to help you with any areas of these courses to ensure you feel more prepared and confident for your exams. Message me for any questions you may have, and I look forward to helping you this semester.

Chemistry  Pre-Dental  General Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry I  Principles of Chemistry II  Organic Chemistry I  Organic Chemistry II  Organic Chemistry  


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