Member Since: 05/23/2018
Meeting Preference: On campus
Availability: I am usually only free in the evenings or on weekends but I can be flexible
Hourly Rate: Depends on the class but generally $15 an hour for non-engineering courses and up to $25 for engineering courses


I'm a junior in biomedical engineering with a focus in biomechanics and  a minor in math. I'm also on a pre-med track. I received an A grade in all the classes I have listed so I am comfortable tutoring for any of them. 

ENGR:1100  Engineering Problem Solving I; MATH:1550  Engineering Math I Single Variable Calculus BIOL:1411  Foundations of Biology SOC:1010  Introduction to Sociology ENGR:2110  Engineering Fundamentals I Statics MATH:2560  Engineering Math IV Differential Equations PHYS:1611  Introductory Physics I 


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