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Meeting Preference: Main Library


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Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at various times

Hourly Rate: 15


Hi! I am a 2nd-year undergrad at the University of Iowa and am part of the honors program on campus with a psychology major and minors in educational psychology, human relations, and environmental biosciences!  I also am a research assistant in a psych lab on campus. I have a great passion for both psychology and environmental science and can't wait to share that with you and help you along your journey to getting a good grade!

GEOG:1070  Contemporary Environmental Issues  GHS:1181  Ancient Medicine  EES:1080  Introduction to Environmental Science  PSY:2601  Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. PHIL:1401  Matters of Life and Death  PSY:2301  Introduction to Clinical Psychology  PSY:2401  Introduction to Developmental Science  Psychology  Environmental Science  Environment  Science  Medicine  Philosophy  Psych 


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