Member Since: 12/27/2018
Meeting Preference: On campus, west or east side (i.e., main library, Hardin library, IMU, nursing building).
Availability: Please message me about availability so we can work something out where we are both available.
Hourly Rate: $22/hr


Hi! My name is Abby and I am a senior majoring in nursing and minoring in psychology. I am a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader for the College of Nursing, so I have experience with teaching nursing courses to fellow students. I am passionate about nursing and I would love to assist future nurses and other healthcare providers with their academics! I can help you with things like organization and planning, note-taking skills, study habits, or any thing else you need assistance with.  

I am willing to teach groups (up to 4 people) if that's preferred.  If that is something you are interested in, please message me! 

HHP:2310  Nutrition and Health  HHP:1300  Fundamentals of Human Physiology  MICR:3164  Nursing Microbiology  NURS:3128  Health Assessment and Communication Across the Lifespan  NURS:3138  Nursing Pharmacological Interventions I  NURS:3150  Clinical Simulation Laboratory I  NURS:3160  Professionalism and Patient Safety  NURS:3518  Pathology  NURS:3438  Nursing Pharmacological Interventions II  NURS:3460  Professional Role II: Research  NURS:3620  Gerontological Nursing 


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