Member Since: 01/14/2019
Meeting Preference: On Campus Library
Availability: Weekday afternoons and weekends
Hourly Rate: $15


I am a third year honors student majoring in chemical engineering with declared minors in chemistry and business administration. As a member of the Dean's and President's Lists, I know what it takes to sustain academic success here at the University of Iowa and am excited to assist you in attaining your goals. My approach is to help you hone your skills through concept explanation, effective note taking skills, and exam preparation.

GPA: 4.13

MATH:1850  Calculus I  MATH:1860  Calculus II  MATH:2850  Calculus III  MATH:1550  Engineering Math I  MATH:1560  Engineering Math II  MATH:2550  Matrix Algebra  Math:2560  Differential Equations  CBE:2105  Process Calculations  CHEM:2230  Organic Chemistry I for Majors  ENGR:2720  Materials Science 


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