Member Since: 01/21/2019
Meeting Preference: On-Campus (Location is Flexible)
Availability: Contact me at dana-soukup@uiowa.edu
Hourly Rate: $20


Hi everyone, my name is Dana and I am a Senior majoring in Human Physiology. I am currently a Pre-Med student, so I focus on teaching other undergrads who also have an interest in pre-health fields. Some of my favorite classes to teach include Anatomy and Physiology, but I would be happy to help out with any of the classes listed below. If you would like any assistance in the classes tagged or have general pre-health questions, feel free to contact me!

BIOC:3120 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I  BIOC: 3130 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II  HHP:3115 Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab  HHP:3550 Human Physiology with Laboratory  HHP: 4110 Advanced Human Anatomy Laboratory  


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