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Hi guys! My name is Barbara and I am fourth-year Microbiology student.  I am also on the Pre-Medicine track and an ASL minor so I have taken a variety of science and language classes here and would love to help out on any of the classes listed below!  I am currently an ICRU fellow doing research on proteins related to autophagy, a volunteer coordinator at the University hospital and a teaching assistant for a first-year seminar.  I am also in the process of applying to medical schools.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to meet up!

ASL  ASL:1001 American Sign Language I  ASL:1002 American Sign Language II  ASL:2001 American Sign Language III  ASL:2002 American Sign Language IV  ASL:3400 Issues in ASL and Deaf Studies  MICR  MICR:3159 Bacteria and Human Disease  MICR:3165 Bacteria and Human Disease Lab  MICR:3147 Immunology and Human Disease  MICR:3160 Molecular Microbiology  SOC:1010 Introduction to Sociology 


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