Member Since: 02/28/2019
Meeting Preference: on campus, can meet off campus but preferably downtown Iowa City

Monday: 5:00-8 

Tuesday: 5-7

Wednesday: 5-6:30 

Thursday: 12-3

Friday: 1-3

Limited weekend availability 

Hourly Rate: 15


Hi, my name is Ally!  I am senior majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a Certificate in Disability Studies. I work on campus as a Lead Mentor for the UI REACH Program! 

ASl 1  ASL:1001  ASL 2  ASL:1002  ASL 3  ASL:2001  Phonetics: Theory and Application  CSD: 2110  ASL 4  ASL:2002  CSD: 3112  Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Production  CSD: 3118  Language Acquisition  


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