Member Since: 03/19/2019
Meeting Preference: Off Campus (virtually)
Availability: Willing to work with student's availability!
Hourly Rate: $18


Hey everyone! I'm Sydney and I'm a senior honors biology student with a psychology minor. I'm currently an SI leader for Organic Chemistry I, and have been an SI leader for Principles of Chemistry I and for General Chemistry I. I have lots of experience in the foundational chemistry and psychology courses, and would love to help you out with them! This fall semester, I'd prefer to meet virtually via Zoom. I'd love to work with you to help you organize materials for online classes, find study strategies that work for you, and help you master your course content.

chemistry  psychology  General Chemistry  General Chemistry I  CHEM:1070  Principles of Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry I  CHEM:1110  Organic Chemistry I  CHEM:2210  Elementary Psychology  PSY:1001 


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