Member Since: 08/15/2019
Meeting Preference: On campus
Availability: I am available after 2:30 every day of the week. We can even meet on weekends. 
Hourly Rate: 17.50


My name is Harrison Ersbo and I am a second year student in the Tippie College of Business intending to study Finance. I did well in all the courses I’ve been approved for, and would love to help you through any of the classes. I’m not going to try and convince you I am a genius, because I’m not. I had to work hard in the courses I am approved to tutor in, so I know the material well. 

I will do my best to help you. If you work with me, make sure to bring specific questions/material to work on. This will be beneficial for both of us. 

Introduction to Management  Statistics for Business  Principles of Microeconomics  Principles of Macroeconomics 


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