Member Since: 10/20/2019
Meeting Preference: On- or off-campus (Preferably Main Library or High Ground Cafe)

My hours vary by week depending on my work schedule, so if a time listed doesn't work out I am happy to find an alternative time!

Monday: 1:30-3pm, 5-8pm

Tuesday: 9-10:30am, 8-10pm

Wednesday: 5-8pm (changes weekly)

Thursday: 9-10:30am

Friday: 5-7pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm (changes weekly)

Sunday: 12-4pm (changes weekly)

Hourly Rate: $15


Hello! I am a Dean's List senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology and Human Relations. I have taken many of the Criminology classes and all lower level Psychology classes. I am involved with research on campus with the Denburg Lab in the Department of Neurology. I work as a supervisor at the Iowa Social Science Research Center in the Department of Public Policy, as well as a student clerk for the UIHC Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinical Regulatory Group. I am a part of Alpha Phi Sigma, a national Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Psychology  Criminology  Introduction to Criminology  Intro to Criminology  CRIM:1410  Drugs Deviance and Social Control  CRIM:3250  Juvenile Delinquency  CRIM:3420  Policing in Modern Society  CRIM:2460  Abnormal Psychology  PSY:3320  Childhood Psychopathology  PSY:3330  Introduction to Clinical Psychology  PSY:2301 


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