Member Since: 11/20/2019
Meeting Preference: Off-Campus (Zoom)
Availability: I have a flexible schedule so just contact me and we can find a time that works for you!
Hourly Rate: $15


Hey! I am a senior majoring in Business Analytics with a passion for data! 

A little about me, I have worked on many projects ranging from Iowa election strategy to creating a Harry Potter Sorting Hat using machine learning. Recently, I have created a dashboard called 'Sweetboard' a tool for text mining Twitter data for users who don't have any programming experience. I enjoy creating data visualizations and learning tricks in Excel that I can also teach you! I chose a low hourly rate because I want to help business students succeed!

Because of COVID-19 the tutor sessions will be made on Zoom. 

Send me an email ( or message so I can help you with courses found below!

Information Systems  MSCI:3005  Foundations of Business Analytics  MSCI:2800  Statistics for Business  STAT:1030  Data Wrangling  MSCI:3020  Data Mining  MSCI:3500  Database Management  MSCI:3200  Computational Thinking  MSCI:3020 


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