Member Since: 01/22/2020
Meeting Preference: Online
Availability: Very flexible
Hourly Rate: $25


Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a recent graduate from Iowa with degrees in statistics and math and a minor in computer science. I have about two years of experience tutoring math and have learned some good strategies for teaching along the way. I have received an A or higher in all courses that I have listed to tutor.

I am available for virtual tutoring this summer, and would be happy to help anyone in the classes I am listed for, or in GRE math.  

I charge $25 per one hour session. My schedule is very flexible this summer. 

STAT:1010  STAT:1020  STAT:2010  STAT:3101  STAT:3200  MATH:1005  MATH:1010  MATH:1020  MATH:1340  MATH:1850  MATH:1860  CS:1210  ACTS:3080  College Algebra  Trigonometry  Elementary Functions  Math for Business  Calculus  Math of Finance  Intro to Math Stats  Statistics and Society  Regression 


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