Member Since: 02/18/2020
Meeting Preference: On or Near Campus
Availability: Will work out a time that is best for both of us. I will try to be as flexible as possible. 
Hourly Rate: 20.00


I am a junior undergraduate studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Iowa. I have done research in physics since my first semester at the university. My research interests include space weather and particle physics. The majority of the time I spend doing research involves developing algorithms to process and graph data collected from satellites (Van Allen Probes) and particle accelerators (LHC). My research is funded through grants from the UIowa Department of Physics and Astronomy, and N.A.S.A.

I am offering tutoring services throughout this semester and the next. I am willing to meet in person following COVID precautions, or over the internet in a ZOOM call. My strengths are in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Physics that are encountered during the first few years of a Physics, Engineering, or Mathematics degree. I also offer a working knowledge of algorithms and data structures that would be encountered during a Computer Science minor. 

I am extremely patient with all of my students because I know that everyone learns at a different pace.

I ask that all peoples requesting tutoring give me a day in advance to refresh the material that they are struggling with; after which I will assess whether I will tutor you or if you would be better off going to a T.A. or Professor. This ensures that I will be more effective teaching material I haven't seen in awhile, and allows me to have a more flexible schedule to get in as many tutoring sessions possible around my research and schoolwork. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Physics  Mathematics  Computer Science  Linear Algebra  Python  Java  PHYS:1701  PHYS:1702  PHYS:2703  PHYS:2704  PHYS:3710  MATH:2700  MATH:3600  MATH:3770  MATH:4500  CS:1210  CS:2230  CS:2210 


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