Member Since: 06/17/2020
Meeting Preference: On campus (library/coffee shops)
Availability: I am available Mondays 8am-11am, Wednesdays 8am to 1pm, and Thursdays 1:30pm-5pm. If none of these options work, let me know and I can see about opening up my availability on Fridays and weekends. 
Hourly Rate: $15


Hi! I am a sophomore here at the university studying to major in Psychology and French, and a minor in Rhetoric and persuasion. I have great study habits and can offer aid and advice on how to study and achieve success in a course. I am also a part of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. I am passionate about furthering my education, learning, and being an effective educator. Hope to see you this fall!

PSY:2701 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience  CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry 1  CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II  FREN:2002 Intermediate French II  FREN:3000 Third-Year French 


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