Member Since: 07/13/2020
Meeting Preference: On campus
Availability: Message me and we will figure out a time that works for both of us!
Hourly Rate: $15-22


I am a second year undergraduate student currently working towards a BFA in dance and am on the Pre-Physcial Therapy track as well. I have taken Calculus I twice and earned A's both times, which has allowed me to understand and be able to explain concepts well. With my strong background in English and long history in dance, I am also tutoring for Introduction to Dance Studies. My great understanding of the topics covered in this class will help me to help you formulate ideas and outlines for papers. I also have a good understanding of the topics studied in Dance Production as well as real life experience on these subjects.  My rates for the first meeting will be half of my normal hourly rates as we get to know each other and see if I am the right tutor for you!

Calculus I  MATH:1850  Introduction to Dance Studies  DANC:1060  Dance Production  DANC:1090 


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