Member Since: 07/27/2020
Meeting Preference: Zoom, Library, IMU
Availability: I am flexible, so just let me know when you're free and we can find a time that works for us both
Hourly Rate: $15/hr for science and math, $10/hr for all others


Hi! My name is Lauren Fergus and I am a sophomore honors student majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Microbiology on the pre-medicine track. I also volunteer in Radiology, make floral arrangements for patients and staff, and do pediatric renal research at UIHC. I got A's or A+'s in all of the courses listed below, and I'd love to help you (or a small group of you and your friends) study for tests, draft your essays, and help with homework, whether it's explaining important concepts or offering study tips for midterms. Just send me a message or email if you're interested!

Chemistry  CHEM:1110  Principles of Chemistry I  CHEM:1120  Principles of Chemistry II  Biology  BIOL:1411  Foundations of Biology  STAT:3510  Biostatistics  SOC:1010  Introduction to Sociology  ENGL:1200  Interpretation of Literature 


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