Member Since: 11/02/2020
Meeting Preference: The Library, the IMU, or coffee shops!
Availability: Open as of Fall 2020 - because I only have online classes, my schedule is very flexible.
Hourly Rate: $15


Hi! My name's Rielle and I'm an Art History major. I'm also pursuing a certificate in Museum Studies and a minor in Ancient Civilization.

I am able to meet in person, however online also works. I'd be happy to meet for coffee if you would like to first discuss how we can best structure sessions.

Art History  Museum Studies  Ancient Civilization  Ancient Civilizations  Ancient Civ  Art  ARTH:1050  ARTH:1060  Cave Paintings to Cathedrals  Mona Lisa to Modernism  ARTH:3420  Gothic Architecture  ARTH:3570  The Marginalized in Renaissance Art  MUSM:3001  Introduction to Museum Studies 


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