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Meeting Preference: Online or On Campus

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  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday  11:00 - 3:00

I am happy to work with your schedule outside of these hours!

Hourly Rate: ITAL/PHIL: $15 - HHP: $20 - NURS/BIOL/MICR: $25



Heya! I will be graduating this year with my degree in Human Physiology, emphasis in health services. I have been a tour guide at the University for several years, so we might already know each other! Over the summer I worked as the Emergency Department Coordinator for UW Hospitals and Clinics, so I am a great resource for anyone looking for advice on working in the hospital setting or for going over a cover letter and resume.

It's important to me that you know I am not a perfect student! I have struggled, failed, procrastinated and truly understand what it is like to feel behind and need support. I have had so many people help me achieve my goals and am happy to pass on any resources and information, all you have to do is ask! I also understand how financial stress can impact your academics, so please reach out if this is a challenge you're facing and we can negotiate a rate that is right for you. 

My goal is to some day become a professor at an undergraduate university and have always had a passion for educating others. This will be a valuable learning experience for me as well, and I hope we can work together to better ourselves professionally and academically.

I look forward to working with you! 

ITAL:1101  elementary italian I  ITAL:1102  elementary italian II  HHP:1300  Fundamentals of human physiology  HHP:2310  Nutrition and health  HHP:4390  Understanding human disease  HHP:2280  Cultural competency in health promotion  HHP:4040  health services  BIOL:1141  introductory animal biology  NURS:1030  human development and behavior  NURS:3110  healthcare finance  MICR:3164  Microbiology and human health  PHIL:1033  Meaning of life  philosophy  physiology  nursing  italian  microbiology  biology  ITAL  HHP  NURS  PHIL  BIOL  MICR 


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