Member Since: 01/14/2021
Meeting Preference: On-campus
Availability: Contact me and we can figure out a time!
Hourly Rate: $15-20


Hello! I am a chemical engineering major with a minor in Spanish, and I'm a part of the honors program. I'd love to help you get better at your math, science, or Spanish skills! I have earned A's in all of my chemistry, math, engineering, and Spanish classes so far. I can help you with many different topics, as well as general study tips. Our first meeting is half-price, so we can see if I'm a good fit for you!

Chemistry  Engineering  Spanish  Math  Calculus  CHEM:1110  ENGR:1300  MATH:1560  MATH:2550  SPAN:2010  Spanish language skills: speaking  multi-variable calculus  matrix algebra  introduction to engineering computing  principles of chemistry I 


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