Member Since: 01/19/2015
Meeting Preference: on-campus - usually Van Allen Hall
Availability: Variable. Send me an email and we can set something up. 
Hourly Rate: $30 per hour

About Kenny

I'm a fourth-year PhD student in theoretical physics at the University of Iowa and hold a M.S. in theoretical physics.

I specialize in tutoring students taking physics I and II but other physics courses are also welcome.

Feel free to message me if you're looking for some help! 

physics  astronomy  Math  Calculus  029:  Physics of Everyday Experience  029:006  Basic Physics  029:008  College Physics I  029:011  College Physics II  029:012  Physics I  029:027  Physics II  029:028  Physics III  029:029  Physics IV  029:030  Stars Galaxies and the Universe  029:050  Exploration of the Solar System  029:052  General Astronomy I  029:061  Introductory Physics I  029:081  Introductory Physics II  029:082  Calculus I  MATH:1850  Calculus II  22M:026  Calculus III  22M:028  Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations  22M:100  Statistical Physics  PHYS:3730 

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