Alexander Hopkins

Certified Tutor
Member Since: 02/21/2016
Meeting Preference: Main Library

My availability is flexible, so please contact me!

Hourly Rate: $15-$25 for most classes; exceptions are: MATH:2850, MATH:3600, MATH:3720, MATH:3770, and MATH:4500. For the five previous classes, please contact me for rates.

About Alexander

Hi, my name is Alex and I am Certified Tutor and a senior Honors Mathematics major who has tutored for 7 semesters. Each class that I tutor I have personally earned an A or an A+ in, so you don't need to worry about the quality of my tutoring.  I have tutored substantially in the past (with 25 students in Spring 2017 alone), and I am confident in my abilities to help you succeed! In the past, my students have gone from failing to receiving A's or B's in their course. I typically tutor single students, though I also tutor groups, and group tutoring sessions are offered at a discounted rate, so feel free to bring a friend that needs help! In addition, I offer packages where you can pay for the semester at the beginning and reserve a particular time slot, which may be helpful as the semester progresses and I take on more students. That being said, please feel free to contact me anytime, as I am fairly flexible with my schedule and can usually squeeze a few more people in!

If you feel you need help, don't hesitate until the last minute to reach out - my most successful students have worked with me for most of the semester. The courses only get harder as the semester progresses. I frequently work with students who feel that math was not their best subject in high school, but all of them have performed well above average in their collegiate math courses after we have met. Together we can conquer your course!

Update: Your two favorite tutors, Kelsey McCoy (soon to be Kelsey Hopkins; also here on Tutor Iowa) and yours truly, got married this past winter break! In other words, you now have access to two highly experienced tutors - that means that if there is ever a scheduling complication or if I am ever sick, you can still get help with a dependable and knowledgeable tutor.

I look forward to helping you this semester!

MATH:0100  Basic Algebra I  MATH:0300  Basic Geometry  MATH:1005  College Algebra  MATH:1010  Trigonometry  MATH:1020  Elementary Functions  MATH:1120  Logic of Arithmetic  MATH:1140  Math Basis of Elementary Geometry  MATH:1340  Mathematics for Business  Math for Business  Math  Geometry  Algebra  Calculus  Single Variable Calculus  Calc  Multivariable Calculus  MATH:1380  Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business  Calculus for Business  MATH:1440  Mathematics for the Biological Sciences  Math for Bio  Calculus for Bio  MATH:1460  Calculus for the Biological Sciences  MATH:1850  Calculus I  MATH:1860  Calculus II  MATH:2850  Calculus III  MATH:3600  ODE  Introduction to ODE  Differential Equations  Ordinary Differential Equations  MATH:3720  Abstract Algebra  Modern Algebra  MATH:3770  Analysis  Fundamental Properties of Spaces and Functions  Differential Geometry  MATH:4500 

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