Brent Collinsworth

Member Since: 05/08/2016
Meeting Preference: Hardin Library, Java House

  • 5PM-9PM Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

  • 9AM-9PM Saturdays & Sundays

Hourly Rate: $20

About Brent

Hello! I'm currently a staff member at UI, and I received my Masters in Health Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 2015. I'm currently a staff member at UI. I was a teaching assistant and an instructor for multiple classes over the years (Developmental Psychology, Neuroanatomy, etc.). I also worked in an inpatient psychiatric facility for 2 years and have had hands-on experience with just about everything you might learn in Abnormal Psych!

My teaching strategy is more discussion than dialectic. I want you to understand the material, not just learn the key terms! We'll talk through the material together through a combination of drills, games, and conversation. You feeling comfortable with the material is important, so I'll do my best to teach the way you want to be taught.

A bit about me:

I'm originally from Tallahassee, Florida (Go Noles!), I love to read, play guitar, and cook. 

psychology  elementary psychology  PSY:1001  clinical psychology  PSY:2301  Social Psychology  PSY:2501  Health Professions  PSY:2930  Health psychology  PSY:3010 

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