Callie Ginapp

Member Since: 01/25/2015
Meeting Preference: Main library, Blank Honors Center, or wherever works for you!
Availability: I'm available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and weekend afternoons. 
Hourly Rate: $20.00

About Callie

I'm a junior neurobiology major getting a chemistry minor and a certificate in clinical and translational science.  I'm vice president of UIBIO, am a student ambassador for the biology department, and do research in a neurology lab focusing on sleep wake regulation. This is my fifth semester tutoring and I primarily tutor freshmen and sophomore level chemistry classes.  

Chemistry  Principles of Chemistry I & II  Organic Chemistry I & II  Biochemistry  Foundations of Biology  Diversity of Form and Function  Elementary Psychology  CHEM:1110  CHEM:1112  CHEM:2210  CHEM:2220  BIOC:3110  BIOL:1411  BIOL:1412  PSY:1001 

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