Daniel Vickers

Member Since: 08/11/2017
Meeting Preference: IMU, Library, PBB (These are my preferred spots but would be willing to meet anywhere on campus)

Mon-Thurs: Contact me for hours

Fri +Sat: Not Available

Sun: Noon-Midnight

Hourly Rate: $12

About Daniel

Junior double-majoring in Economics as well as Ethics and Public Policy -- Pre-Law

The classes I tutor for include:


Principles of Reasoning: Argument and Debate


Introduction to Financial Accounting


Statistics for Business


Law and Economics

Philosophy  Logic  Principles of Reasoning  Arg + Debate  Argument and Debate  PHIL:1636  Accounting  Financial Accounting  Intro to Financial Accounting  ACCT:2100  Stats  Statistics  Stats for Business  Statistics for Business  STAT:1030  Econ  Economics  Law and Economics  Law and Econ  ECON:3800 

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