Drew Smith

Member Since: 09/08/2016
Meeting Preference: IMU basement

My availability is throughout the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Just email me and I should be able to find a spot that works for both of us. Availability on weekends varies so if you want tutoring on the weekends let me know and I will see what I can do. 

Hourly Rate: $15/ hour

About Drew

Hello everyone!!  I am a Business major currently, but I used to be a Psychology major my freshman year.  I am working towards my Risk Management and Insurance Certificate along side a degree in Finance.  Do not hesitate to email me with questions regarding your work and we can find a place to conduct tutor sessions that fits your schedule.  I am a great resource for those who need help completing assignments,  studying, understanding concepts, or are just looking for tips on how to succeed in these courses.

The classes I tutor for include:


Cultural Anthropology


Anthropology and Contemporary World Problem


How the Brain Works (and Why it Doesn't)


Classical Mythology


Principles of Microeconomics


Age of Dinosaurs


The Meaning of Life


Introduction to Social Psychology


Elementary Statistics and Inference


Statistics for Business

MATH:1380   Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business

ACCT:2200  Managerial Accounting

ACCT:2100   Introduction to Financial Accounting

ECON:1200  Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON:2800 Stat for Strategy

FIN:3000 Introductory Financial Management

FIN:3400 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

MGMT:2000 Intro to Law

BUS:3000 Business Communication and Protocol

ANTH:1101  Cultural Anthropology  ANTH:2100  Anthropology and Contemporary World Problem  BIOL:1251  How the Brain Works (and Why it Doesn't)  CLSA:2016  Classical Mythology  ECON:1100  Principles of Microeconomics  EES:1070  Age of Dinosaurs  PHIL:1030  The Meaning of Life  PSY:2501  Introduction to Social Psychology  STAT:1020  Elementary Statistics and Inference  STAT:1030  Statistics for Business  Statistics  Anthropology  Economics  Psychology  STAT  ECON  ANTH  PSY  ACCT  ACCT:2100  ACCT:2200  Managerial Accounting  Financial Accounting  MATH:1380  Calculus for Business  ECON:1200  Macroeconomics  ECON:2800  Statistics for Strategy Problems  FIN:3000  Introductory Financial Management  FIN:3400  Principles of Risk Management and Insurance  MGMT:2000  Introduction to Law  BUS:3000  Business Communication and Protocol  BCAP 

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