Hollis Emily Neal

Member Since: 02/17/2016
Meeting Preference: Library/IMU/other on campus buildings/Starbucks

Monday-Friday- afternoons/evening

Weekends- afternoons

Hourly Rate: $15 (can be flexible)

About Hollis Emily

Hi everyone! My name is Hollis and I am a junior here at Iowa. Just a little bit about myself: I am majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry; I love science and math; and my goal after graduating is to go to medical school.

If you are struggling in a course that I have taken here at Iowa, I would love to try to help you figure it out. Sometimes just sitting down and talking with someone who has already taken the class is the best way to learn. I definitely won't remember everything from all of these courses but if you bring all of your notes and textbooks, I am sure we can figure it out. Best of luck!

Principles of Chemistry 1  CHEM:1110  Principles of Chemistry 2  CHEM:1120  Foundations of Biology  BIOL:1411  Diversity of Form and Function  BIOL:1412  Biostatistics  STAT:3510  Organic Chemistry for Majors 1  CHEM: 2230  Introductory Physics 1  PHYS:1611  Elementary Psychology  Organic Chemistry for Majors 2  Introductory Physics 2  Biochemistry  Introduction to Developmental Biology  Human Physiology  Introduction to American Foreign Policy  

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