Kathleen Lohnes

Member Since: 04/17/2017
Meeting Preference: On campus (library/IMU)

My schedule is pretty flexible. Here's my daily availability:

Sunday: Available all day until 7pm.

Monday: Available before 1pm and after 6:30pm.

Tuesday: Available before 11am and after 5:30pm.

Wednesday: Available before 1pm and after 6:30pm.

Thursday: Available before 3pm and after 5:30pm.

Friday: Available after 2pm.

Saturday: Available all day (preferably mornings)

Hourly Rate: 12

About Kathleen

Hi! My name is Kate Lohnes, and I'm a sophomore here at Iowa! I'm majoring in English & Creative Writing and Philosophy. I was just named to the President's list this past semester, and am an honors student here. The classes I am available to tutor for are these:

Human Origins (ANTH:1301)

Language and Formal Reasoning (LING:1050)

Intro to Philosophy (PHIL:1861)

Intro to Earth Science (EES:1030)

Foundations of the English Major (ENGL:2020)

Elementary Psychology (PSY:1001)

I'm really dedicated and love to help other people learn! I have tutored numerous times in the past, and excelled in each of the classes listed above! I am confident in my ability to help you better understand the material-- be it helping you write papers, understand readings, make sense of geology, get a grasp on neurotransmission, or helping to further your understanding of hominids. I promise I'll do everything I can to help you!

ANTH:1301  Human Origins  LING:1050  Language and Formal Reasoning  PHIL:1861  Introduction to Philosophy  Philosophy  EES:1030  Introduction to Earth Science  Earth Science  ENGL:2010  Foundations of the English Major  English  PSY:1001  Elementary Psychology  Psychology 

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