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Hello, I am a fourth year Chemistry B.S. doing organic chemistry research in the Chemistry Department. I was the recipient of the Merck Index Award in 2016 and the American Institute of Chemists Award in 2017 from the Chemistry Department . I am most effective at tutoring Principles I and II or Organic I, II, and Lab because I have already tutored for those classes. I would love to help you understand the harder concepts of these classes and do better in the class as a whole.

Organic  Organic Chemistry  Principles  Principles of Chemistry  CHEM  CHEM:1110  CHEM:3250  Inorganic Chemistry  Analytical I  Analytical II  Organic Lab  Inorganic Lab  CHEM:2230  CHEM:2220  CHEM:2420  CHEM:3110  CHEM:3530 

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