Steven Huang

Member Since: 12/17/2015
Meeting Preference: On-Campus
Availability: Flexible, please contact to inquire (email or phone)
Hourly Rate: $25

About Steven

Hello! I am a senior on the pre-medical track pursuing a B.S in Biochemistry and Human Physiology. I have taken and excelled in a majority of the courses required for health science majors, as well as a few social science courses.  I focus mainly on the biological and chemical sciences, but I can also provide help in Calculus 1/2, sociology and psychology. I have been a private tutor for 3 years and have accumulated over 100 hours of tutoring/academic mentoring experience. I would love to provide you with any advice and resources to help you succeed! 

College Physics 1  Foundations of Biology  Introduction to Sociology  Principles of Social Psychology  Human Physiology  Human Anatomy  Diversity of Form and Function  General Organic Chemistry  Organic Chemistry 1  Organic Chemistry 1 for Majors  Organic Chemistry 2  Principles of Chemistry 1  Principles of Chemistry 2  Calculus 1  Calculus 2  Calculus for the Biological Sciences  Biochemistry  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2  Human Growth and Motor Development  Immunology of Human Health and Disease  Biophysical Chemistry 

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